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Crossdressing Phone Sex.
Sissification and forced feminization.
Girl talk, wardrobe and shopping tips.
Full service for all crossdressers.

There are many different types of crossdressing fantasies, and many reasons people get into crossdressing. That's the one reason you should call us. When you call, we will ask about your specific desires and needs, and can connect you with a woman who will provide the right type of cross dressing phone sex for you.

The top crossdressing phone sex requests we receive are for sissification, feminization or forced feminization calls. And we have the Mistresses, Dominas and transformation experts to make it all happen. Helping you to dress up and act like a perfect lady? Treating you like the little sissy boy that you really are? Forcing you to accept the humilation you need and deserve, while we force you to become a pretty girl? Submitting you to rigorous sissy slut training? Our experienced staff can handle it all - and will make it all so real for you, that you'll barely believe it's possible.

Many other callers have just had a desire, starting at a young age, to dress in women's clothes. If you just love the feeling of silk and lace against your skin - the look of pretty and frilly clothing when you see yourself in the mirror - the feel of feminine panties under your clothes --- we have the crossdressing phone sex girls and women who understand, and who will encourage and help you to look your prettiest and feel your best. They'll give you advice on dressing and clothes - they'll gossip and chat - they'll even give you pointers on where to shop. And if you ever want to go even further and explore feminization and transformation fantasies, they can do that as well.

If your interest in crossdressing runs in other directions, we're there for you as well. Transvestite fantasies, sex in panties or pantyhose - mutual crossdressing, with women or with other guys (and possibly continuing on to straight, gay or group sex in lingerie or in drag) - the possibilities are endless. And whatever turns you on, we have crossdressing phone sex women and Dommes who can make all your dreams come true.


Be pretty - be feminine - satisfy your deepest desires.

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How to Call for
Crossdressing Phone Sex:

The first thing you'll hear after dialing our crossdressing phone sex number is a brief recording about what we do - and a request to enter your credit card number (or press "1" to pay by check). Don't worry, your card won't be charged at this point.

A live receptionist will then confirm your payment information, and then will ask for specific details about the crossdressing fantasy that you'd like to experience.

Our crossdressing phone sex receptionists are experts and completely discreet, so please, be as honest and detailed as possible. That will let her set up the right Mistress, Domme, partner or even bratty teen for your needs. Remember, anything goes.

Have a special request, a special type of woman, special feminine outfits or makeup that you need, a kinky or taboo scenario that you want to explore? No problem; we specialize in complicated scenarios, and there are absolutely no limits. Just tell your receptionist what you need.